By carrying out a regular compressor oil analysis, you can keep an eye on the condition of the internals of your air compressor. This can help save you the possibility of a costly bill in the future. Lubricating oil changes both physically and chemically during its service life.

Testing your compressor oil in BOP and Waikato

All motors that contain oil must have it replaced at regular intervals and should be done to the manufacturers recommendations. If left, the following issues can begin to damage your compressor:

• Accumulation of debris related to wear

• Entry of external contaminants (dust, water etc.)

• Deterioration due to heat and chemical buildup

The compressor oil test will reveal a number of findings and can help build a picture of what is happening inside the compressor.

• Is the oil condition OK for further use?

• Are operating conditions normal?

• Is excessive wear taking place?

This knowledge allows the owner to take preventative maintenance measures well ahead of expensive repairs becoming necessary. Your compressor internals simply won’t last if the oil suggests excessive wear. Air compressor pumps will last many years if treated right, so having the oil tested regularly helps maintain longevity.

Bayteck offers an oil analysis test that will help you keep a closer eye on your compressor. Feel free to ask about our other services including compressor sales, pneumatic tool service, air receivers, compressed air dryers


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