Compressed Air Dryers

All atmospheric air contains water vapour, more at high temperatures and less at lower temperatures. When the air is compressed the water concentration increases. An air compressor dryer will help to remove this moisture and give you clean, dry air.

As an example, a compressor with a working pressure of 7 bar and a capacity of 200 l/s that draws in air at 20°C with a relative humidity of 80% will give off 80 litres of water in the compressed air line during an eight hour working day.

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Air Compressor Dryer supplied and installed by experts

The water or moisture that your compressor creates can be very damaging to your air tools and air lines. Removing the water in compressed air ensures your systems will run efficiently and prevent you having to carry out unnecessary repairs to equipment.

Moisture can cause rust to equipment, damage pneumatic solenoids and valves, remove protective oil from parts you are blowing clean. Clean, dry air will prolong the life of your whole compressed air system.

Let us know which setup you are running and we will recommend the correct compressor dryer that will match your application. Fixed speed screw compressor, piston compressor or variable speed drive screw compressor – the correct dryer will be recommended and fitted.

Air compressor dryer servicing

Not only do Bayteck Systems install compressor driers, we will happily service your air dryer as well. Our experienced technicians can carry out regular maintenance and preventative servicing of your dryer which will ensure your system will be reliable for years to come.

Servicing almost all makes and models of air dryers including Atlas Copco, Ceccato, SMC.

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