Filters & Lubricants

We know the importance of having the correct air compressor filter fitted to extend the life and clean the air for your application. As well as using the correct lubricating oil, air compressor filters extend the life of components. They give more than just clean air. Removing harsh and harmful abrasives from the air is vitally important and using good quality filters is essential.

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Air compressor filter

Servicing your compressor or compressor dryer and fitting high quality filters is should be carried out in accordance to manufacturers specs. Using low cost items can be detrimental to the operation of your compressed air system. Bayteck stock and supply high quality air filters that meet the specs of your particular compressor or dryer.

Most modern air dryers have coalescing filters fitted to separate aand remove moisture particles from the air. Regular changing of the coalescing filter will ensure the dryer runs optimally – talk to us regarding your air dryer filter change for your next service.

Air compressor oil

Piston compressor or screw type compressor, the majority have lubricating oil in the motors. Just like any type of engine or motor, air compressor oil needs changing at regular intervals. If left, the oil builds up tiny metal particles which eventually end up wearing out the internal components of the motor. Using high quality compressor oil is recommended to avoid premature wearing of the motor. Compressor oil analysis can be carried out to determine a number of factors, speak to our team about this service.

Oil water separator

Oil residue builds up in compressed air systems. It is important to separate and remove the oil component and have it disposed of accordingly. Fitting an oil separator is the correct way to remedy this process and allows you to dispose of the oil in an environmentally friendly way. We stock and fit new compressor oil separators.


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