Bayteck Systems is a company who work and breathe the compressed air industry. We are a rotary screw compressor supplier as well as piston compressor supplier in Tauranga and Hamilton. With over 20 years experience from within the service and management team for compressed air alone, we are confident our team can cater for your company’s needs. We offer a full range of services on all makes models & product types with in this industry.

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Rotary screw compressor supplier

Quiet, energy efficient, reliable. Atlas Copco are world leaders in the compressed air industry and Bayteck Systems are proud to supply and service their products.

Rotary screw compressors are known for consuming very low amounts of energy. The Vairable Speed Drive available in selected Atlas Copco range means that the compressor isn’t constantly working at a high speed to produce compressed air. The benefits of this innovative system are much lower energy consumption, lower wear on the components and overall lower whole of life cost.

Enjoy low running cost, longer service life from the Atlas Copco range. Up to 4000 hours service intervals on selected models means less down time and less cost. Up to 50% less energy is consumed with the Variable Speed Drive system.

Oil injected or oil free compressors

Most screw compressors are oil injected to keep the motor lubricated. If you require 100% oil free compressed air, we have various applications to suit your needs. Often in medical industries like hospitals and dental clinics, there is a need to run oil free compressors. Bayteck Systems will happily discuss your industry needs and recommend a suitable option.

We also recommend putting an air dryer in line to remove the moisture from the air. Moisture can cause damage to equipment and lager compressors do produce a volume of moisture that will need to be removed.

Air line setup and installation

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to setting up and installing your new compressor. Once the suitable compressor has been selected, talk to our team about a clean, professional installation of airlines in your place of work to ensure maximum efficiency. Let Bayteck take care of your plant and factory installation.

Whether you are running a large scale production plant, a mechanical workshop or automotive spray painting business, your air compressor efficiency can be improved with a variable speed drive rotary screw compressor. Alternatively, if your operation doesn’t require the volume of compressed air from a screw type compressor, you may want to consider a piston compressor setup.

Block Piston Compressors

If high volumes of air aren’t needed, a piston compressor will more than likely be suitable. Bayteck stocks a wide range of piston type compressors (or reciprocating compressors) to suit a range of applications. Whether you are using a compressor around home for DIY or smaller jobs, or are using a compressor in a smaller capacity, we will have an option to suit. We also have a wide range of air tools to help make your task much easier. We stock a range of Hindin Marquip compressors who have proven themselves for many decades.

There is always a wide range of piston compressors in our stock, our staff can assist in selecting the correct model for you. It is important to ensure the correct compressor is selected to suit your particular requirements. Compressors very greatly in their free air delivery, our experts will talk you through the range and recommend the perfect compressor to suit. If you need portable compressor options, we have many portable variants available also.

  • Compressors for dairy farms and milking sheds
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Collision repair, paint shops
  • Factories and manufacturing plants
  • Medical applications, hospitals, surgeries, dentists
  • Production lines
  • Building industry
  • Home and personal use
  • Civil construction
  • Portable diesel powered compressors

We also supply and install compressed air receivers by qualified staff.

Air compressor servicing Bay of Plenty and Waikato

Servicing compressors of nearly all makes and models. Regular maintenance servicing or breakdowns and repairs, our experienced technicians will happily attend any job. If you business relies on compressed air and fails outside normal workings hours, we can attend the breakdown 24/7. Warranty claims for all Atlas Copco brands including: Ceccato, Chicago Pneumatic, Alup, ABAC.

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